3 DAY COURSE - FEBRUARY 20, 21 & 22, 2020

24 CE's


Richard Miron, DDS, PhD & Catherine Davies, MD


Learn the biology and clinical applications behind utilizing blood derivatives and PRF formulations in facial esthetics from a combined group of leading doctors in the field including DR. RICHARD MIRON and DR. CATHERINE DAVIES. Each with their various expertise in the field, the course will highlight the latest advancements in facial esthetics with blood derivatives including sections on:

1) injection techniques with PRF, 2) micro-needling techniques with PRF and 3) an overview on the applications of PRF in combination with laser therapy.

The course will be taught over an intensive and packed 3-day period, with a major focus on injection techniques and micro-needling techniques using PRF with live demonstrations and live patient practice. 



Phlebotomy training - draw blood. This will be covered on Day One - PRF TRAINING. If you have already taken the PRF course or are familiar with PRF, the Day One course is optional.


Microneedling with Hyaluronic Acid


Microneedling with PRF


Bio-PRF Lift injections on silicone models


Bio-PRF Lift injections on live patients (face, hands, or decolletage)


Optional Demos: Lip Injections, Crows feet Injections, Nasolabial Injections, Hair Injections


Optional Demos: Lip Injections, Crows feet Injections, Nasolabial Injections, Hair Injections


includes lunch, snacks and parking

DAY ONE   February 20, 2020    8:30 - 5PM   PRF Basics Optional with Experience If you have previously taken the Advanced PRF course or are already familiar with PRF, you may attend DAYS TWO & THREE only if you would prefer

DAY TWO   February 21,  2020    8:30 - 5PM   Facial Esthetics Lecture   

DAY THREE February 22, 2020    8:30 - 5PM   Hands-on Patient Treatment


DAY ONE:  Advanced PRF Education • Live Demos • Phlebotomy training  

PART ONE (8:30am - 10:45am): Biology of Wound Healing. Understand the importance of vascularization for both soft and hard tissues

10:30-10:45 Coffee break  

PART TWO (11:00am - 12:15pm): Learn the history of PRF, its first use by the inventor Dr. Choukroun in Nice France in 2001, and the improvements made over the years.  

12:15pm - 1:00pm Lunch   

PART THREE (1:00pm - 2:45pm): Biological background of PRF. Understand how lower centrifugation speeds (g-force) and time results in a superior fibrin scaffold with more leukocytes. Understand growth factor release and optimization of the PRF centrifuge to improve regeneration.  

PART FOUR (3:00pm - 4:00pm): Clinical indications of PRF in dentistry. Discussion over its potential use in Extraction Socket Grafting, Sinus Augmentation Procedures, Gingival Recessions, Intrabony/Furcation Defect Regeneration, Implant Dentistry and Soft Tissue Management.  

PART FIVE (4:00pm - 5:00pm) Phlebotomy Training & Live Demonstrations

DAY TWO:  Facial Esthetics using PRF. Learn the indications for when and whereto use PRF therapy during mesotherapy and micro-needling. Learn the importance of photography in the facial esthetics field. An overview and introduction into new centrifugation protocols for facial aesthetics. Live micro-needling demonstration by clinician-scientist using DermaPen, the leaders in the micro-needling industry. Practice live injection techniques on silicone head models.

PART ONE (8:30 - 9:30am): Review of trends in facial esthetics. What is currently utilized in 2019 and how big is the market for dentists? What is our role as dentists?

PART TWO (9:30 - 11:30am): Biology and Anatomy of Facial Tissues. Understand how aging affects facial tissues. Learn injection techniques using PRF for various facial defects. Step-by-step injection techniques for the use of PRF for eyebrow furrows, crow's feet, add volume to cheeks, re-conturing nasolabial folds, fill smoker's lines, soften marionette lines, plump thinning lips and improve chin/jawline definition. 

10:30 - 10:45 Coffee break

PART THREE (11:45 - 12:30pm): Photography in facial esthetics. A simple step-by-step guideline for accurate patient recording and documentation.

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch 

PART FOUR (1:30 - 1:30pm): Redefining Natural Beauty with PRF. A step-by-step guide towards introducing PRF into your practice Monday morning.

PART FIVE (2:15-3:00pm): Live micro-needling demonstrations using the Dermapen.

DAY THREE: Full day of live demonstrations & hands-on facial esthetics practice on human patients. Practice micro-needling using hyaluronic acid, then PRF. Practice injection techniques to reduce forehead wrinkles, eyebrow furrows, erase crow's feet, restore volume to the cheeks, re-contour nasolabial folds, fill smoker's lines, soften marionette lines, plump thinning lips, improve chin/jawline definition and hair restoration. Excellent educator-to-student ratios to provide an optimal educational experience.

PART ONE (8:30 - 12:00PM): Live patient therapy using micro-needling. First with hyaluronic acid and then with PRF.

12:00 - 1:00pm Lunch

PART TWO (1:00-5PM): Live patient practice using combination therapies on incoming patients. Whole face rejuvenation with PRF including injections. Live practice of augmentation procedures using PRF. Use of PRF with micro-needling. Getting it all together in one session. Live patient demos using PRF for hair restoration.


 Richard Miron DDS, PhD

Dr. Richard Miron is currently an Adjunct Visiting Faculty in the department of Periodontology in Bern, Switzerland where he completed his PhD studies since 2009. He has currently published over 150 peer-reviewed articles and lectures internationally on many topics relating to growth factors, bone biomaterials and guided bone regeneration. He has recently been awarded many recent international prizes in dentistry and is widely considered as one of the top contributors to implant dentistry having won the ITI Andre Schroeder Prize in 2016, the IADR Young Investigator of the Year in the field of Implant Dentistry in 2015, and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) Young Investigator grant award in 2014. He and Dr. Joseph Choukroun have recently edited the first textbook on PRF titled Platelet Rich Fibrin in Regenerative Dentistry: Biological Background to Clinical Indications. 

Catherine Davies, MD, MBA
  • Medical doctor with a special interest in rejuvenation procedures including hair restoration

  • Main editor of the book titled: “Platelet Rich Fibrin in Facial Esthetics” published in 2019

  • Lead educator of the Advanced Facial Esthetics Courses offered at PRFEDU

  • More than a decade experience using platelet concentrates

  • Dr. Catherine currently serves on the board of Campaigning for Cancer, BrandQuantum and AAMSSA and supports Project Restore.

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