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The New Frontier of Oral Disease Prevention
6 - 8 PM   
In-person or via ZOOM
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Instructor: Alireza Panahpour, DDS

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene function that are mitotically and/or meiotically heritable and that do not entail a change in DNA sequence.  Our epigenetic code determines when and where genes in the genetic code are expressed. Epigenetic change is a regular and natural occurrence but can also be influenced by several factors including age, environment and disease state.


If every single cause and effect of the different combinations of genes could be mapped, and if the gene's state could be reversed to keep the good while eliminating the bad, then epigenetics could cure cancer, slow aging, stop obesity; prevent and treat dental problems. 


This course will: 


  • review the literature current  on epigenetics research in dentistry and provide clinical  application to support your patients care. 

  • discuss implications of epigenetics for the future of clinical dental practice including a 'personalized medicine' approach to the management of common oral diseases. 

Epigenetics: The New Frontier of Oral Disease Prevention

Thursday, February 11, 2021.   6-8 pm

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Alireza Panahpour

Dr. Panahpour is the most experienced holistic, biological dentist in North America, practicing 100% holistic, biological dentistry since 1993.

Known as one of the world's most experienced DDS for detection and removal of root canals with infection and for cavitation surgery at the site of tooth extractions,

Dr Panahpour is a frequent speaker at holistic dental conferences and at naturopathic medical schools. His commitment to excellence in natural biological dentistry can be seen in his personal commitment to education: he has more than 150 advanced continuing education courses on his CV.

Dr. Panahpour did his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, and obtained his degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of the Pacific, Dugoni School of Dentistry. After graduating with a degree in dental surgery, he obtained further education at the New York Academy of Medicine.

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